5 Best Beaches To Go Shelling In Florida

Do you love to go shelling? Many people never outgrow the childhood joy of collecting seashells. For those whose shelling passion remains, the Sunshine State is a wonderful place to visit. You’ll find several terrific places to add to your collection. Here are the five best beaches to go shelling in Florida.

Sanibel Island

Located near Fort Myers, Florida, Sanibel Island is the best shelling beach in Florida. During a quick walk across the beach, you’ll encounter dozens of different types of seashells. You’ll also find some colored glass shells and conches, too. Basically, all of the fun things that you love about shelling are on display here.

This island city embraces shelling so much that it has a museum dedicated to the premise. Bailey-Matthews National Museum has some of the finest seashells in the world on display. Whether you want to examine giant shells or gorgeous ones, you’ll find amazing shells here. You can also pick up tips on how to perfect your shelling system. Pick a cheap Sanibel Island hotel on Hotel Planner, preferably one by the beach to maximize your shelling time.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach has a reputation as a spring break destination, but don’t let that fool you. This popular tourist area also has a lot of wonderful shelling spots. The beaches in Bay County are rich with seashells and other collectibles. You’ll find these treasures littering the sandy dunes, but that’s not all. Many of the shallow parts of the water have the finest shelling specimens. You should also visit the area surrounding Gulf World Marine Park. This region has plenty of shells to add to your collection.

Honeymoon Island

Honeymoon Island isn’t just for newlyweds. This island is a wonderful vacation destination for families. With a plentiful number of sand dollars, the beaches inspire children to become lifetime shelling enthusiasts. The difficulty level for shell collection is also quite low here. The waters are transparent enough that you and your children can look down to see the shells, something of a rarity at beaches in the Southeast.

Bonita Beach

Bonita Springs is another oceanfront location in Lee County, Florida. Here, you’ll shell efficiently because the process is so easy. Bonita Beach Park is a boardwalk and swimming area in Bonita Springs. Since it’s a coastal reservation with vegetation and sand dunes, your shelling options are plentiful. Simply by trekking across the 2.5-acre park, you’ll pick up all the seashells you like. It’s the easiest beachcombing option in Florida.

Jupiter Island

Jupiter island has dozens of variations of seashells. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean ensures a strong supply of worthy collectibles. The best place to go for shelling is Coral Cove State Park. The park claims that more than 200 different types of seashells are available there, assuming you have the passion to look that long. It’s the best place for shelling obsessives.

Beachcombing for shells is always a fun way to spend the day. These five Florida beaches are the best for shelling, but you can’t go wrong with any beach in the Sunshine State. It’s the act of shelling that’s the fun part, right?

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