What You Should Know Before Adventure Camping?

Quite a bit actually. But first, you must start by knowing yourself. Are you fit enough? Do you have what it takes to endure hardships? Can you stand the rigors and the strain and do you have enough stamina to last the whole day under blazing sun or in cold conditions?

It is wise to consider tips on adventure camping since knowledge lets you prepare yourself and thus have a whale of a time.

Train Yourself

If you do not follow a fitness routine, go in for one at least a month before you plan to set out. Training for body flexibility, strength and endurance will stand in good stead when you are out there in the wilds.

Gear to Take Along

At the very least you will want footwear that can stand up to the rough terrain. You will want footwear that is comfortable, but not heavy and yet one that serves as protection in case you drop a heavy load on your foot. You may want to consider waterproof outfits, thermal wear and head protection if the situation calls for it. You may also want to take along a cell phone that receives signals and if you are going to remote places and communication is important only satellite communication equipment will be helpful in case of urgent need. You may want some basics like pen-knife and pocket tools, some medicines and lotions or sprays against insect bites. Stuff like these comes in useful, more so than your digital camera. Consider additional gear specifically related to the type of adventure camping you will pick.

Pick the type of Adventurous Camping


What you should know before going on fitness holidays is full details about the place you intend to visit. If you are fully up to the challenge, it will be a delightful and fun packed stay. If you are up to clambering up steep mountain sides then go on a mountain climbing expedition. If white water rafting appeals to you and you can swim and stand icy waters, then you get maximum enjoyment. If trekking through forests is something you like and you can enjoy the beauties and bear the inconvenience, you will love it. Know about the place, the dangers of that place and stay safe.


What you should know before going on adventurous camping is that it is no walk in the park. Knowledge about the place, the right gear to help you along and being physically and mentally prepared will go a long way to give you all the fun that you expect of such a trip.