A Remote Destination Wedding With Camping

Many people across the country love the thrill and adventure of camping while seeing the great outdoors. Each year, the number of travellers who visit national parks and scenic areas increases and a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts are born.

Though having a wedding outdoors is not a new concept, having your friends and family hike into the wilderness and pitch tents for an unforgettable destination wedding is becoming more popular. Having a remote destination wedding can seem like a lot of work and the idea of camping for your wedding may seem a little to “roughing it” for some couples, but the payoff is huge and the romantic event will be remembered by everyone there.

Choosing Your Destination

The most important part of having a remote destination wedding is to choose a location that has all the important qualities going for it. First off, you want to make sure that it is a very beautiful place to have as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Second, you want to make sure that it is very remote and private, yet not too difficult to get to that your friends and family don’t want to go. Try to find a place that has passable trails leading to it like many great wedding sites in the Rocky Mountains or the Sierra Nevada Range.

What to Bring Along

When you are packing for your remote destination wedding, it is good to start off thinking about it as a camping trip. You’ll need everything you would pack for a regular camping trip such as a tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, and other necessities. Adding to that, you will need all the things for your wedding as well. This doesn’t only include the normal things like the wedding dress and bride’s bouquet, but things that are fun for the guests such as wedding sparklers and musical instruments to keep everyone entertained. If you plan your packing in two parts for the camping portion and the wedding portion, you are sure to have everything your need for your wedding in a remote destination.

Take Advantage of the Beauty

Once you get to the site of your wedding, it’s important to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Since you won’t have grand ballrooms or limousines dropping off guests, you want to find replacements for these things in nature and use them to their full potential. Have everyone who comes to the wedding bring their cameras and take lots of pictures. The natural scenery you’ll see when you are in a remote area in the mountains or by a lake are very beautiful, so there should be plenty of options while you’re camping to find some really incredible shots. Having a camping excursion to a secluded destination for your wedding can be a timeless event, so make sure your take in every last bit of the magic.