Expert Tips To Score Great Deals On Venue Rentals

Getting the venue you want for your upcoming event is no longer as easy as it was a few years ago. This is simply because of the growing number of people and groups organizing events versus the limited supply of venue rentals. If you are organizing a wedding reception, you may have to book at least six months prior on the venue you want, or at least a month or two when you are hosting a birthday party.

But making reservations early isn’t the only way to land on the venue you want for your next activity. In fact, if you just research properly, you can find a venue rental in Singapore that offers more than what you want-for no extra cost.

So how do exactly land on venue rental deals that add more value to your money? Here are some expert tips:

  1. Create your own menu.

At first glance you may think that pre-made menus offered by venue rentals lower the cost of your expenses, but they can still be reduced dramatically. This is by creating your own menu using ingredients that are readily available in the market, such as fruits and vegetables that are in-season. The venue’s caterer still cooks the meal, but they no longer have to spend on ingredients that are hard to find, thus cutting down on your food expenses.

  1. Negotiate for the free event space.

Some hotels and venue rentals offer the event space for free so long as you meet their minimum headcount. This is usually the case for meetings and gatherings that consist of at least 30 participants, where in essence the food is only what you have to pay for, and not the room anymore.

In case you are doing an event that requires to be held in a smaller venue, you may want to ask for what freebies or discounts can the venue provide, so that you can further bring down the costs of your expenses.

  1. See to it that the lights and sounds facilities are part of the package.

There are venues that provide lights and sound facilities at a separate price, rather than include them in the overall space rental package. When the venue offers the light and sound facilities in their package, then that would be a good deal. However, if they have different rental rates for these facilities, then it may be better if you bring in your own equipment instead.

There are venues that offer the basic necessities for events, such as audio equipment (speakers, amplifiers, and microphones), white screens for projectors, and lighting. You may have to use your own projector, though, or rent one that is available in the venue.

  1. Negotiate on the transportation and hospitality rooms.

If you are working on a big event that requires the transport of your guests, then you may want to negotiate a deal with the venue regarding their transportation and hospitality room options. These can be expensive when rented separately, but they can be included in the overall venue package especially when you are inviting a huge number of guests.

If the venue rental in Singapore offers free or discounted rates for transportation of guests, then it is best that you grab this package right away, as these are not proactively given by venue establishments, unless to clients they trust.

  1. A word of caution on the vendor list.

There are times when the venue you choose provides you with their vendor list, and you have no choice but to choose from these vendors for other services on your event, rather than go with your own contacts. These vendors may charge higher than those not on the list, so it would be best to research about them first. You may have to find another venue that does not have a required vendor list, or make sure that the vendors on their list are already under your network of contacts, so that you can still bring down the costs of your expenses for your upcoming event.

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