Top 10 Tourist Destinations You Must Cover During Your Voyage To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries of Latin America. Just about anyone who visits Costa Rica won’t be able to resist singing the glories of the place. ‘Costa Rica’ literally means ‘Rich Coast’ is Spanish and is rightly named so; termed the ‘Surfers’ paradise’, it offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

There are abundant wildlife activities for the thrill seeking adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts. The incredible natural beauty completely packaged with breath taking waterfalls, thick jungles, ancient volcanoes and cloud forests that are pristine. There is a bit of everything that Costa Rica offers to an adventurous traveller.

Lets’ look at some popular destinations that you simply must not miss out on –

  • Arenal Volcano National Park, Alajuela: Costa Rica is home to many active volcanoes. Arenal has a beautiful active volcano that saw the last eruption in 2010. The mouth of the volcano is quite large and a hike up the mountain is sheer pleasure. Stop by at La Fortuna, a quaint little town at the base of the volcano. There are a number of natural hot springs where you can relax.
  • Jaco: Costa Rica is lined with over 300 beaches that line the entire coast line. Jaco is Costa Rica’s most populated and largest beach. This beach town has a vibrant night life and is a must visit for party ravers. It is dotted with many deluxe restaurants, bars, night clubs, pubs and high rise condos. It lies between ranges of beautiful hills. If you like a good night life but quite beaches. Jaco is the perfect place. There are a number of quiet and lesser known beaches that are a short drive away from Jaco.
  • Mounteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: This amazing place is set almost inside clouds or so it seems, since it is so shrouded in clouds. This stunning place has a touch of mystery thanks to the cloudy look. The humidity here is a 100%. This place is rich with biodiversity as it is a home to over 3000 different species of animals and plants. Perfect for the Nature Enthusiast.
  • San Jose City: San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica. It is the largest city and has historical value despite its modern culture. A perfect place to experience the rich culture of Costa Rica by getting a good feel of their rich traditions. San Jose can also be made a base camp since it is located right in the centre of the country. Apart from the city itself, there are many interesting tourist spots to explore right on the outskirts of the city. The locals are quite friendly and will gladly show you around.
  • Manuel Antonio Beach: This place is sure a paradise and is located on the south of Quepos right on the coast of Pacific. This place is a lovely blend of coral reefs, beaches and rain forest. Most of Costa Ricans consider Manuel Antonio to be the most beautiful place is Costa Rica. The main attraction in the area is Antonio National Park which happens to be one of the smallest national parks in the country but is still one of the richest national parks owing to the wide biodiversity it holds.

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Author Bio – Jack Heather is a biologist who loves hitchhiking around countries that are rich in scenic beauty. Bangkok and Goa are Jack’s favourite beach holiday destinations in Asia.