Do Heated Socks Really Work?

Your feet loose body heat the fastest. The reasoning behind this is due to the heart’s distance from your feet. It causes blood to pump twice as hard, and by the time it reaches the legs, the blood is cooler.

During the winter seasons, your feet and hands experience cold faster than other body parts. Boots, winter shoes, and heavy-duty socks will work, however, they only retain trapped heat in the body, which might not be sufficient enough to keep your entire body warm. New technology blended with comfort comes in the form of heated socks, keeping your feet warm in any climate.

What are the heated socks?

Heated socks are a complete game-changer to your ordinary heavy woolen socks. They are fitted with a discrete rechargeable battery and they heat up to combat the cold temperatures that your shoes and feet may be exposed to. Heated socks come in different shapes and sizes, including a remote control in some. Washing is not a problem because you can machine wash your new pair after a day of hiking and expect to wear them again tomorrow as they dry up quickly.

How do heated socks work?

Heated socks have a low energy battery powered heated mesh area to maintain the heat under your feet. Good quality heated socks are a powerful pair because they get you warm, with temperatures of up to 55oC (131oF). The adjustable heat setting keeps you at the warmth level your feet need.

The socks only require about 5 seconds to heat up and get your body all warm and fuzzy from the bottom upwards. When fully charged, you can enjoy at least 9 hours of heat. When ready to wash your warm heated socks, remove the lining and the heating system to allow for machine washing. Once done, the rechargeable lithium battery with a USB for charging should be placed back inside.

How should I use heated socks?

With the long hours of warmth lasting at least nine hours, high heating temperatures with adjustable gear, you can enjoy your motorcycle ride into the mountains for a weekend of hiking, skiing, hunting, ice-fishing, cycling, climbing, and the one favorite of them all, walking your dog on a cold winter evening.

Another big category of users includes individuals who suffer chronic cold feet for medical use such as hypothyroidism, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and diabetes.

Furthermore, they make a perfect Christmas gifts for individuals with sleeping challenges to improve sleep quality.

Are heated socks safe when keeping you warm?

Heated socks are perfectly safe because they are made with multiple layers. The layers between the heating elements keep your feet safe, meaning they never come into contact with direct heat. Additionally, many heated sock brands come with an automatic shutdown button in case there is overheating. However, keep a keen eye on the socks to ensure the right temperature is being administered.

What are the factors to consider before buying heated socks?

Battery Life

Battery life is a big challenge for heated clothes, especially heated socks. The pair you settle for should have a battery life of at least 12 hours to ensure you enjoy a full day’s work while warm. The socks came in battery capacities, either 3000mAh or 400mAh for others.

Sock Material

Heated socks are made from various materials, including polyester, cotton, or spandex for some. Other brands have a blend of either two of the above materials. It would be best if you aimed for a soft finish of your socks with enough thickness to keep you away from cold bites.

Pick a color that best suits you and compliments your overall style when rocking a pair of these feet warmers. Check for warranties as well to cover costs in case of an early malfunction.

Heating Elements

Carbon fiber infrared powered socks are the best kind to purchase. The socks take seconds to heat up and maintain the heat for hours. The heating elements should distribute heat evenly and automatically shut down in case of an overheating incident.

How Many Pairs of Heated Socks do you need?

Well, this boils down to money and personal preference. However, an affordable method to using a pair is wearing a thin pair of socks underneath your electric heated socks to keep them clean and usable for a couple of days. Otherwise, you can have as many pairs as you like.


Heated socks are not as expensive as others like compression socks, but they work much better. They are long-lasting and keep you warm to go about the winter months smoothly. They are also therapeutic in that they make sleep better and help individuals with medical issues, as seen above.

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