A Brief Guide To Caravaning in Denmark

Denmark is an exquisite land spread on green lands covered with age-old castles, Viking’s myths, and famous for its fine architecture. It is located on the Northern side of Europe. It is one of the happiest countries around the world with all its colourful houses and charming old towns.

It is a wonderful place for anyone looking forward to an enchanting yet adventurous vacation. Talking of vacation, Denmark is a place for caravanning lovers. The country is enriched with several forests and vast scenery most suitable for caravanning. If you are thinking about caravanning in Denmark, we have a brief guide below that you can well explore.

Camping And Caravanning Options

While planning your Denmark itinerary you must consider your options. While the vast landscapes are abundant in the count, yet not every other open area is allowed for camping. That is, it can be hard for those who like to roam free and camp in the wilderness. However, there are considerable options they can choose from for an enriching experience.

  • Denmark’s Public Forests: These are excellent for those who want to experience camping in the wild with convenience. These are called Primitive campsites and have access to water and wooden shelters for resting and enjoying camping. The space is ideal for camping during summers as in winters, the temperature gets low. Motor Vehicles are not allowed which means, you won’t be able to drive through your caravans inside this space. You can enjoy calm surroundings without any mechanical noises.
  • Islands: Denmark has more than 500 islands and these can be explored through caravans and ferries. And around 408 of these are motorhomes. This means these are caravan-friendly.
  • Free Tenting Zones: These zones are rougher and are also spread across certain public forests in Denmark. These zones are free of cost, yet they require campers to abide by certain rules like bringing their supplies, etc.
  • Beaches: Denmark has a restriction for beach camping since you cannot plow tents and any other arrangement on the sand areas. Even those connected in the free tenting zones are restricted.
  • Organised Campsites: The country is famous for having around five hundred camping sites. These are comfortable sites where you can put up your tent easily. These are primarily divided into Danish affiliated campsites and independent campsites.


Your Denmark itinerary should have plans for countryside caravanning. The country is immensely famous for its scenic countryside. Again, there are certain regulations you must know before planning any camping or trip in the villages. Many forests areas and open lands are private while others are owned by the military. About two-thirds of Denmark’s forests are privately owned and thus they have their restrictions and allowance. You will find clear signs stating all the dos and don ts.

Important Rules

Before you decide to camp, there are certain rules you must keep in mind.

  • Changing rest spots for every single night.
  • Do not dig more than two tents.
  • Do not litter.
  • Tents made for more than three people are forbidden.
  • Take note of signs and warnings
  • Do not use open fire in areas otherwise specified etc.


In Private Forests, you might come across entry and exit timings. While public forests are more liberal. Yet, taking the help of a guide or any local can enhance your experience.

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