A Single Trekking Trip Can Brim You With Rejuvenation

There are so many destinations around Bangalore which make it a very special place. This city is not just the hub of IT but the city is surrounded by thrilling and adventurous spots. If you feel exhausted, bored and tedious amidst day today tasks, routine and workings, you must take adventurous tours during your leaves or on weekends. After all, there are many adventurous spots which are situated near Bangalore.

Do you like Trekking?

Of course, in this advanced era, people are crazy about adventurous trips and splendid excursions. They specially carry out journeys to farfetched spots to embrace some thrill, excitement and rejuvenation. But what if you get to know that you have some absolutely amazing trekking destinations near your city?

Talking about trekking destinations, there are many spots around Bangalore to give you an amazing experience. One such destination is Madhugiri. Madhugiri Betta is a lofty one thousand meter hill and it is the second biggest monolith in entire Asia. It stands at a raise of twelve hundred mts above the sea level. Indeed, this Madhugiri Trek wins the hearts of visitors.

Why not carry out trekking here?

To trek up Madhugiri isa thrilling experience which is brought to life by the stories from rich hereditary heritage of India. Thishill is said to have been a centre of turning points in the history of Southern India and till present, it lugs stories of great battles fought and relics of the empires in the ruin.

When you start climbing Madhugiri, you will have to begin from fort, constructed by none other than great Hyder Ali during his sovereignty. At the initial glance it might look small, but do not get deceived because the monolith caters a promising climb.

Thrilling Hurdles in your way!

While trekking up Madhugiri Betta, you will have to go through a sequence of doors and walls which head you to top of the hill. The walls at each degree test the toughest of trekkers. This climb up Madhugiri is classified as moderate to tough. It depends on your trekking experience and vigour for the day.

Trekking up Madhugiri Betta, you will have to pass through a series of doors and walls that lead you to the top of the hill. The walls at each level challenge the hardiest of trekkers. The climb up Madhugiri is graded as moderate to difficult, depending on your trekking experience and energy for the day.

All the walls of fort are around six feet tall and possess cuts and huge holes at tactical intervals. One can safely feel that these were formed to accommodate weaponry during the times of battles. Soldiers used to spread themselves across the body of this hill so as to defend the fort from imminent enemy by making use of the cuts for their rifles and the big holes for shooting missiles. Not just this, at every stage, you shall also witness huge bastions cut out of rock, seemingly used as reservoirs for storage of water and other needed supplies during the time of war.


Thus, these entire scenarios sound really captivating, thrilling, adventurous and full of fun. So, just check out Madhugiri and suffice your Adventurous side.

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