Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Campervan In Your Garage?

You can easily combine your housing accommodations with your travelling needs with a handy, spacious campervan. Imagine being able to travel with all of your cherished possessions, food supplies and family members. If you enjoy the outdoors and the experience of travelling, then a campervan is definitely for you. Hotels do not offer this luxury of travel and comfort. However, campervans are a safe, modern, comfortable, and stylish alternative to hotels.

Changed Plans? No Problem!

What if you could change your travelling plans on a whim and have the experience of a lifetime? With a campervan, you can modify your plans with ease and travel wherever you please. When you are booking a traditional hotel, your options are fairly limited. Should you decide to move elsewhere, you will face the challenge of booking a new room in another hotel. Whereas, in a campervan, you can literally decide your plans as you go. This gives you the added benefit of spontaneous travel. Hence, if you want a more invigorating travel experience, consider VW conversions in Colchester.

Cook on the Go

The beauty of travelling in one of these campervans is you can cook on the go. While one loved one is driving the van, you can cook your favourite cuisine, and save money in the process. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on room service in a fancy hotel. In a campervan, you can store and cook your own food at your leisure. You will have the comfort of knowing that you prepared your own food from scratch, as well.

It’s Cost-effective

Campervans are one of the most cost-effective luxuries you can rent on a vacation. Hotels are too expensive in most cases. When you combine the cost of a hotel room with that of room service and transportation fees, one point becomes abundantly clear: campervans are the way to go. Rather than purchase hotel food, or rent a separate car, combine your cooking, living accommodations and vehicular needs into one, spacious, convenient campervan. Not only can you travel in style, but also you can save money doing it.

Feel Like You’re at Home

A campervan can make you feel as if you’re at home. However, cars and hotels rarely give you this sensation. You can travel on the go while staying in a warm, home-like, comfortable environment.

You Can Keep Moving

You can truly capitalise on your travel experience when you rent out a campervan. You can stay on the go, and drive non-stop if you choose. This will allow you to explore more sights and attractions than you would have initially deemed possible. Therefore, you can do more in a campervan, for less money.


Campervans can acquaint you very closely with nature. Campervans offer you access to places that would be inaccessible in a hotel in most cases. You can park your campervan in scenic locations for an up-close view of nature. Sure, many hotels offer beautiful, panoramic views of the outside world. However, this does not pale in comparison to seeing nature up close.

Freedom and Privacy

Campervans offer far more freedom and privacy than a traditional hotel. In a campervan, you will never face the inconvenience of running into other hotel guests.