Adventure Thailand

If you’re looking for a place to get your adrenaline high and make most of our holiday this year, you should consider Thailand as a potential adventure destination. A place of relaxation, peace and adrenaline-pumping thrills, Thailand offers a rich range of sports and recreation programs for tourists on any given travel budget. Here, we bring you some enticing activities, seaside explorations and action-packed exploits to pick and choose from during your Thai adventure. Buckle up, you’re in for a lifetime adventure Thai style!

Pedal away: Thailand’s mountain biking tours

If you thought bicycles are reserved for commute only, you’re very much mistaken: in Thailand, you can try out mountain biking through wilderness and bustling cityscapes for a refreshing take on your pedaling routines. Since mountain biking is extremely popular in Thailand, you can choose from a range of thrilling tours depending on your cycling preferences, stamina and budget. For example, you can go and explore the busy City of Bangkok by night on a three-hour tour, or take a more daring path and opt for a day-long excursion into the Thai wilderness on two wheels – we guarantee you’ll love every minute of the ride.

Fly like an eagle: Skydiving in Thailand

If you like your sports on the more extreme side, you can always raise your adventure limits up to the sky – and quite literally so. Thanks to its mild climate and favorable weather conditions all through the year, Thailand is a perfect place to go skydiving and pump your adrenaline up to the extreme lipitor medicine. As days are warm and mostly sunny 365 days of the year, all you need to do before you take a skydiving plunge is find a reliable jumpmaster, book your jump day and adjust the straps well – with a bit of luck and skill, your Thai skydiving jump will be the best adrenaline injection you’ve ever tasted in your lifetime.

Under the sea: Thailand’s diving and snorkeling tours

A famous destination among professional divers and scuba enthusiasts worldwide, Thailand and its islands are the best place to hit the deep blue and explore the underwater world. In the company of your diving instructor, you’ll be able to witness breath-taking sites of marine beauty and spectacular coral reefs in the Andaman Sea, so you’re strongly advised to try Ko Lipe diving, inspect the Richelieu Rock up close or explore the sea around the Similan Islands with your oxygen tank during your Thai holiday. If you like snorkeling, Thailand’s best locations to visit and snorkel on a summer vacation include the Similan, Phi Phi and the Surin islands, so make sure you check them out as soon as you arrive in Thailand.

Do it like Hannibal: Elephant rides through Thai wilderness

Lovers of land-based adrenaline injections will certainly appreciate a chance to take a day tour of Thai villages and nearby forests on the back of an elephant and experience a unique Thai Dumbo ride experience. Depending on your budget, endurance and available time, you can book an elephant ride lasting from half an hour to several days. The range of ride locations is varied, and you can even arrange a five-day elephant trekking tour through the rainforests of Northern Thailand. A true Thai-flavored adventure for the bold and daring, elephant riding is definitely an activity you should include in your holiday agenda this year.

Survival of the fittest: Jungle trekking through Thai jungles

If you want to go all Bear Grylls during your summer holiday, try trekking through a Thai rainforest on a guided tour. The best way to learn more about the local jungles and wildlife, jungle trekking tours in Thailand are numerous, exciting and tailored to tourists with different skill levels, stamina and budgets. For a true taste of Thai trekking, you should book a three-day guided tour to see the mountain ridges, camp in the midst of Thai wilderness and experience the local jungles at their finest. Once you try it, you’ll definitely come back for more.

Like a greased lightning: Zip lining in Thailand

One of the newer sport disciplines in Thailand, zip lining is gaining popularity among tourists fast, and for a good reason too: a great way to experience a trip through a 1500-year old Thai rainforest of Chiang Mai, zip lining tours will take you for an adrenaline-pumping single-person cable cruise and leave you ever hungry for more. If you’re bold enough, you can also pick the complete adventure package and incorporate rock climbing, mountain biking and village camping in your zip lining expedition for a reasonable price. We guarantee you’ll never forget your jungle cable cruise through rainforests so book your package as soon as you set foot in Thailand.

Ahoy, all ye sailors: Thailand’s kayaking and canoe rides

For a refreshing holiday, would-be sailors visiting Thailand this year should definitely try out sea kayaking and canoe rides to add a dash of thrill to their Thai vacation. With a multitude of locations, ride durations and boat sizes, kayaking and canoe tours of beautiful Thai islands will be a cherry on top of your holiday cake, and you’ll also be able to improve your sailing skills on the go so don’t forget to book your canoe or kayak before you unpack your bags upon arrival in this stunning country.

Swim, raft or sink: Whitewater rafting tours in Thailand

One of the new additions to the Thai sports gallery, whitewater rafting is definitely a must for any adrenaline sport lover. A favorite activity for fans of extreme water sports, whitewater rafting tours in Thailand can be booked in the Southern Thailand’s province of Phang Na or on the island of Phuket. Wherever you decide to raft, you’re guaranteed utmost exhilaration and a breath-taking rafting adventure. For a sense of variety, some rafting packages even include elephant rides through the jungle so make sure you double-check the available rafting deals before you book your next whitewater conquest.

A dash of freshness and thrills: Waterfall abseiling

If you don’t like the regular rock climbing or repelling tours and prefer activities that are slightly more refreshing, you’ll certainly love waterfall abseiling programs in Thailand. Available as a standard package on offer in most hotels and travel agencies throughout Thailand, waterfall abseiling sessions will get your adrenaline racing mad through your veins, and you’ll be able to choose your favorite among Thailand’s stunning and powerful waterfalls in the lush Chiang Mai jungles. Are you ready to slip down the rapids in free fall? You’d better be, because waterfall abseiling is definitely something you shouldn’t miss during your Thai holiday this year.

Return to the common roots: Caving possibilities in Thailand

If you want to truly taste the heart of Thailand, you should consider a daytrip to explore the ancient caves and caverns of the magnificent land. The best site to go caving in Thailand is definitely the Pang Mapha District, the Mae Hong Son Province in northern Thailand, where you can experience the local geology, history and wildlife at their darkest and most beautiful. Book a guide and take a big bite of Thailand’s geologic labyrinths, collapsed caverns and vertical caves, and if you’re brave and strong enough, you can even combine your caving trip with a forest hike or whitewater rafting trip to maximize your Thai adrenaline injection.