A Checklist For Travel Website In Different Languages

Travel in itself is another name for enjoyment, relaxation and refreshment! It opens up your mind to extend such that you can make your comeback to the hectic schedule with a new approach. But when you need to translate a travel website then what will be your next step? Well on an easy note in this article we will focus on different aspects of a travel portal which are interesting on one hand but challenging on the other. All these come under translation for travel industry. Below we will highlight some of the main components of the travel website which needs special attention during translation.

  • The header of any travel website must include 4 important things which should be translated keeping in mind the target language and visitor. These four things are the logo, name of the brand, any tagline, and contact numbers. All these things should be placed in the top. Logo remains the same but if it has texts written in some other language then it may be changed as per the graphic properties. Although most of the travel brands love using one and the original logo. 
  • The next part is the footer which somehow repeats the menu items again or asks for place visiting offers such as Indonesia packages, name of the holy place, and name of countries or mostly visited parts from the globe. Everything should be clean and properly spaced. If the translated content needs much space to be covered, carefully arrange for it while designing a proper page layout. 
  • Give number of options in different languages. It is being seen that today travel industry is growing and people are happy exploring more about the places with zeal through these travel portals or websites. Hence, it is suggested that the owner of the site must include at least 30+ languages (if dealing in global travelling) and 10+ (if dealing with domestic travel). Each of the website should include the main languages of the places being covered. Before translating each word proper research should be done on type of place, locations and languages including cultures. 
  • The middle or the central content is more or less about the different things to be placed. In the front where content quality takes the major role, it is necessary that SEO takes the backend role. An effective multilingual SEO will not increase the regular traffic on the web portal but also will increase the brand name adding more and more profits!