Various Aspects Related To Electronic System For Travel Authorisation

Many persons visit the United States on one occasion or the other for different purposes. The following important aspects may be helpful for them to apply for electronic system for travel authorization that is mandatory in certain circumstances.

ESTA, i.e. Electronic System for Travel Authorization is an online automated application system to resolve if a citizen from a Visa Waiver Country is permitted to visit the US. It is not any requirement related to the Visa and is relevant only for travelling. The aspirant persons need not go to the U.S. consulate or embassy. Application for ESTA that costs USD 14.00 can be moved at any time without making any special plans. However, the passport should be readable by the machine and the applicant should be a citizen of the Visa Waiver Country.

ESTA is meant for fulfilling the security requirements under section 217© of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) that requires the Department of Homeland Security to exercise the existing Visa Waiver Program security aspects. ESTA relates to the travelling requirements while a Travel Authorization is needed for the visitors to travel on the Visa Waiver Program. Persons holding the authorized U.S. visitor visa need not apply for ESTA. Likewise, the ones with B-1/B-2 visitor visa need not apply for Travel authorization. However completion of form I-94W is mandatory as it is completed at the U.S Port of entry or on the airplane whereas ESTA is applied in advance.

Application for ESTA can be moved three days in advance. Those desirous of visiting the U.S. are advised to move the application at the earliest. Approval for these applications is generally accorded on instant basis. Re-applying for Travel Authorization in certain circumstances may be exercised by waiting for at least ten days. Giving untrue information may lead to permanent bar to visit the United States

Route on the current travel authorization can be affected as the ESTA is facilitated in such a way that valid change can be made with ease. Hotel reservation or flight booking is not necessary to apply for a travel authorization.

Persons holding passport from a Visa Waiver country are required to apply for ESTA if they wish to enter the US by sea or air. But it is not compulsory if they enter by land transport. Those who intend to stay in the US for more than ninety days must apply for U.S. visa. Same is true with the ones that have been denied entry on any previous occasion. Persons not belonging to the Visa Waiver Program are required to move application for a U.S. Visitor Visa first.

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