Guide To Having A Splendid Vacation In Quebec City

Are you planning a trip to Quebec City and want to find some educational and fun things to do while you are visiting this beautiful city? A Canada road trip is a must for everyone and you are required to bring your family and friends along so everyone can enjoy what this amazing country has to offer.


Quebec City is the capital of Canada and holds a population of over five hundred thousand people. Montreal leads the country with having the largest population but that does not mean that Quebec City has less to offer the foreign tourist. Both English and French inhabitants make up most of the city’s population. Its location, which is in the Saint Lawrence River Valley, makes it the perfect place for a family vacation.


It is important to know what to expect as far as weather goes in Quebec. It experiences four seasons just like the United Sates. You can expect warm to hot temperatures in the summer months while the winter months bring lots of cold temperatures and windy weather. If you are planning a winter vacation in this area make sure that you pack clothing that will keep you warm because the temperatures can reach as low as eighteen degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes colder. Most tourists venture to Canada for theskiing possibilities throughout the area. You can rent a luxurious log cabin that boasts a wood fireplace. This can be used as your private getaway from the crowds of people and the cold, windy weather.

Family Parks

You will definitely plan to spend a day at one of Quebec’s fabulous provincial parks. You have twenty-two parks to choose from and you will not be unhappy with your choice because they are each beautiful and have much to offer in the way of family fun time.


If you love nature and all that it has to offer then you should be sure to purchase a couple of tickets from the Jardinsde Metis or better known to the locals as Reford Gardens. These tickets are available for adults and children alike and will cost you any where from eight to sixteen dollars. That is not a lot because you will be able to get an up-close and personal look at a large array of garden art.


If you venture outside of Quebec City you will be able to set your eyes on one of amazing wonders of the world, Montmorency Falls. The waterfall is slightly lager than Niagara Falls and the cascading water will take your breath away. Be sure to bring your digital camera so that you can take a photo of this amazing sight.


If you are an avid hockey fan be sure to purchase a couple tickets so that you can watch the Montreal Canadiens in action. Grab a seat behind the bench so that you will get a closer look at the players before they hit the ice. Hopefully you will get to see your favorite players in a grappling match on the ice.