Why You Need Safe 15a Caravan Power Leads Out On The Road

You’re out on the road in our caravan. Your favourite music is on. In the air-conditioned comfort of your caravan interiors, there’s something that’s bothering you – You need to recharge your RV at your pal’s house, which is just a few kilometres away. However, she has a 10A outlet, and you’re worried because you had experienced a rather disastrous overheating episode just three months ago. 

To experience complete peace of mind while out on the road in your caravan, what you need are portable safety solutions that will help you connect your 15A van safely and legally to 10A power outlets while on the road. Today, there are high-quality, portable 15a caravan power leads in the market that helps you do exactly that. 

So, here are the benefits that these products bring you!

They’re Safe

The high-quality caravan power lead is certified to comply with Australian electrical standards, enabling safe and legal connections between 15A devices and 10A domestic power supplies. To prevent the power point and wiring from overheating, these leads come with a miniature circuit breaker, which acts as a 10A power limiter.

These devices help prevent fire due to overloads. They also prevent damage to electrical equipment from power surges. With an inbuilt residual current device (RCD), these devices also protect against electrocution due to faulty wiring. 

They’re Built for the Great Australian Outdoors!

Let’s face it – We love our outdoors, but the conditions on the road can be pretty rough sometimes! Therefore, it’s a basic requirement that your van’s power leads are weather-proof. Look for products that have IP55 certification. Some of these devices also come with an in-built padlock attachment that locks the lid.

Also look for devices that can be hung up. Buy electrical safety solutions in bold colours, such as orange, to warn people not to step on them or drive over them.

An additional factor to consider is the warranty. Some caravan solutions even come with a two-year warranty, which will definitely give you the peace of mind you need as you battle it out outside!

Legal Compliance

While it is possible to connect a 15A RV or tool to a 10A outlet by illegally modifying an extension lead, this is most definitely against the law. Referred to as “death-leads,” such illegally modified 15A leads could even cause fire accidents and impact any insurance claim for damage caused. While there are power boards available, which provide overload protection, it is illegal to use them with RVs and caravans.


Out on the road, you are dependent on 10A power outlets to recharge your RV or appliances. You need solutions that you can take with you, not temporary, illegal fixes. While you can get an electrician to install a dedicated 15A power outlet, it’s not something you can carry with you. Plus, it’s terribly expensive. On the other hand, portable caravan solutions enable you to connect to any power supply on the way. 

So look for best caravans with power lead that is built tough, comply with Australian safety standards, and are truly portable. Get the peace of mind you truly deserve on the road.

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