Different Types Of Family Caravans For Memorable Camping

Going for a family holiday is definitely a memorable experience; however, the one thing that can take the excitement of vacation to a whole new level is the caravan. Even known as recreational vehicle, a caravan is an all-in-one automobile that is equipped with basic amenities and space which is often seen at home. This is the reason why some people even term it as a motor home. They primarily have a kitchen, bedding and bathroom facilities. In addition to that, certain luxurious caravans come up with living space, hot tubs, closet and a dining room as well.

The Significance of Family Caravans

The demand of caravan holidays has dramatically increased with time, where travelers prefer to enjoy their trip in their very own motor home rather than searching for hotels or any other type of formal accommodation. One of the best things about the family caravans is that they are self-contained where your family can have optimal space to rejuvenate and relax, which may not be possible in case of hotels. Moreover, these caravans can be stabilized at camping sites and so these works like the usual dwellings.

The important thing that should be noted is that every caravan designed for families is not the same; there are certain characteristics that tend to distinguish one from the other. To know more about them, you first need to understand what the different types of caravans are,

  • Pop-Top Caravan: These are small yet exceptional caravans that can accommodate 2-3 persons and these are equipped with roof lifts so as to create headroom. This one has remained to be extremely popular amongst small families who are looking for an incredible trip to cherish one of a kind caravanning experience.
  • Full Caravans: Much like its name, the full caravan is large and it has the ability to accommodate almost 6 persons. The caravan features amazing height and solid walls; providing you the look and feel of a home away from home. These types of family caravans have dual or single axle.  They operate smoothly and so are known to be one of the finest options for large families who are planning a road trip.
  • Camp Trailer Caravans: These caravans are similar to that of wind-up caravans which are specifically designed for camping trips. They are small and they come up with the basic amenities that you would require while camping at a beautiful location.
  • Fifth Wheeler: The fifth wheeler or firth-berth caravan is a large capacity vehicle that can accommodate at least 8 persons at once. It even has expandable sections that add up to the space and comfort of the caravan. And the best part is that most of these caravans have real furniture and lots of room so that you can have a pleasant road trip without any complications.

Features to Look For In Family Caravans

Now, when you are not sure about the type of caravan to choose for your family trips then there are few important features that you can look after and they are,

  • Permanent Caravans: Most of the communities have well-built caravan parks where you can go for a permanent caravan and experience its wonderful benefits. As a matter of fact, these family caravans offer a plethora of add-ons to help you break from your daily life and relax inside a homely caravan.
  • Amenities for kids: If you are planning for a long distance road trip then make sure that there are best amenities that would keep the kids entertained. Some of these include television, music systems, games and many more.
  • Efficiency of the Caravan: Yet again, when you are travelling for long then you need to understand the efficiency of the caravan and whether it is able to stand upon the requirements that you have or not.

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