Packed And Portable Lets Camp

Ahhh there is nothing like smelling the forest air during the summer breezes.   These are the sensations of camping during the summer time.  Some choose to venture off in campgrounds with tents and others through mobile homes.  The summer is a great way to take advantage of the season especially if during most of the year it gets very cold. From hikinh to enjoying the great outdoors there’s so much to do while camping.  People often nowadays have to unplug from all of their cell phones and laptops.

The only downside to this wonderful journey is otherwise bugs (if you have sweet blood) and allergies if your immune system cannot handle so much of the outdoors. By relieving the bug problem, I do love the “OFF! Deep woods spray” and for the general congestion I also love to use “Oxy Bump Nasal Spray”.

As for some great activities, here are some ideas:

  • Bonfires!
    Yes they are just a s lovely as they sound. They help avoid predators as well as bugs and in the meantime you can make smores, yummm.
  • Kayaking
    Love love love the workout while you can really get a glimpse of the wild life.
  • Quality Time
    If you want some real quality time, camping is the perfect spot. It forces people to stop and be in the moment (and not on their phones!)

I hope you enjoy the summer as much as I am :). Happy Camping.

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