Head For Photography Tours To India’s Most Picture Perfect Destinations

India is one of the favorite destinations for photographers around the world. Towering mountains, rolling hills, brilliant backwaters and beaches, picturesque lakes, iconic religious destinations, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, amazing architecture, and a desert; India has it all.For memorable photography tours in India, the following destinations would be ideal!

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Wildlife photographers travelling in India generally make the Ranthambore National Park their priority for tiger photography tours in India. What makes the national park interesting is not just the fact that it is home to tigers and a wide variety of birds. The Ranthambore Fort, dating back to the 10th Century, is nestled right in the middle of the park and is surrounded by numerous lakes, mosques, and temples. Many photographers often opt for a Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore, as it takes them through some of India’s most photogenic destinations such as Agra, Delhi, FatehpurSikri, and Jaipur.

Waytoindia.com , a company recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, organizes regular photography tours to Ranthambore and other areas.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

First time visitors to Varanasi might have a hard time adapting to Varanasi’s chaotic atmosphere. But beneath the chaos lies a world of colors and contrasts. Primarily a religious destination, Varanasi is revered by Hindus, who regard it as one of their religion’s most prominent centers. The best place for getting your cameras out?Definitely the ghats lining the Ganges. Full of people throughout the day, but eerily quiet during dawn, the ghats have numerous stories to tell. The ever-constant practicing of rituals related to both life and death tell its own stories. If you have had enough of the ghats, head over to other iconic landmarks such as the Ramnagar Fort, the Durga Temple, and the Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

If your idea of a great photograph involves clear blue skies, towering mountain peaks all around and a barren landscape, Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley is where you should be headed towards. Nestled in the north-east of the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh, the valley lies on India’s border with Tibet, and the Tibetan influence is very visible. Primarily a Buddhist region, the valley is home to numerous monasteries and has the climate of a high-altitude mountain desert. The rugged and steep terrain, accompanied by the gushing Spiti River makes the valley a delight for DSLR owners. You can also stay in resorts in Manali, one of the other popular spots for tourists in Himachal State and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

Hampi, Karnataka

The temple town of Hampi in northern Karnataka dates back to 3rd Century BC and is one of the best
places for photography tours in India. What makes Hampi so special? Its staggering collection of monuments, religious sites and viewpoints make Hampi a paradise not just for backpackers and hippies, but also photographers. Of major religious importance, the Virupaksha Temple is Hampi’s only working temple in the modern day, and is the starting point for many photographers in the town. Scattered around the temple are numerous hills that have their own set of unique ruins from bygone eras. For panoramic views of the town, take a trip to the top of the Matanga Hill..


Singling out any particular town of city in Kerala for photographers would almost be criminal, as Kerala in its entirety is so beautiful. Referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ by many, Kerala has it all; rolling hills, backwaters, beaches, gorgeous greenery, and iconic architecture. If rolling hills fascinate the photographer in you, head to Munnar, famous for its tea plantations, trekking trails, and waterfalls. If you treasure the beautiful backwaters, take a boat ride to Alappuzha from Kollam. This 8 hour ride through canals, lagoons, lakes and rivers is a photographer’s favourite. The water lilies and lotuses on the way to Alappuzha add different dimensions to the journey from a photographer’s perspective.

While the aforementioned destinations are magnificent and can give you some of your best photographs, the following destinations deserve notable mentions too:

  • Meghalaya: The north-east state boasts of spectacularly green hills, bluish green rivers, and living root bridges.
  • Ladakh: Somewhat like Spiti but distinctly different, Ladakh’s mountainous expanses are part of Jammu and Kashmir. The region’s friendly people and Buddhist cultures make it a very photogenic destination.
  • Gokarna: The temple town of Gokarna in Karnataka boasts of scenic beaches, and is much less commercial than nearby Goa. The Arabian Sea and Western Ghats combine to give you tons of amazing photo opportunities.

So the next time you head to any of these amazing places, don’t forget to leave your camera behind! Happy clicking!

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