4 Significant Reasons To Save The Wildlife!

The world has suffered yet another loss of a species, the Spix’s macaw, after the demise of the last northern white rhino.

Global warming is on the rise because of deforestation. It doesn’t just stop there; many animals have lost their homes due to chopping down of the trees to make way for concrete buildings. Till when can we ignore the fact that our planet earth is suffering day by day?

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Before we continue to damage what is left of the wildlife, here are four reasons to ponder upon why we should halt:

Balance in Eco-System

Our eco-system is like a balance scale. Each and everything in this universe is connected to one another. In the eco-system, all the organisms are connected through food webs and food chains. Destroying one whole species would cause disruption in the whole chain of affairs.

Imagine if all the carnivores in this world go extinct. The herbivores would then multiply at an increasing rate. This would negatively impact the whole plant life.

Economic Benefits

The wildlife has been a source of income, especially for 3rd world countries like Africa. A lot of tourists from around the world pay in millions to experience the wildlife. Having said that, think about the money generated from the food they buy or the hotels they stay in when they visit.

Destroying the wildlife will impact the tourism industry quite negatively. This will not only reduce the GDP of a country but also cause unemployment to those related to the tourism industry.

Medical Benefits

A lot of plants are used for medicinal purposes. Medicines like morphine and penicillin are made from plants. Continuous deforestation will cause extinction of these medicinal plant species, hence directly impacting the pharmaceutical industry.

Recreation and Aesthetics

Just imagine a world which didn’t have a single green tree! Would you like to live in such a world? The coming generations will never get to see a live northern white rhino or a Spix’s macaw. Do you want this to happen with all the animals and plants?

Think about it.

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