Choosing A Great Campervan For An Experience You Won't Forget

If you want to explore the great outdoors in a vast country like Australia, you’ll want to travel in style. This is why many people look to campervan hire for their holiday needs. But it’s important that you choose the right vehicle hire company for your needs. There are numerous such companies around, but how to choose the best one for you?

What to Look For in a Campervan Hire Company

If you don’t know anything about campervans or using them on holidays, here are some tips for finding a reliable hire company.

It’s important that you find a reputable and reliable vehicle hire company and not make your decision based only on cheap campervan hire. You don’t want to spend your money on a vehicle that breaks down in the middle of nowhere! That’s why you should do some online research before deciding. Does the hire company have an updated social media presence? If so, why not check out any reviews from its customers? Is the company responsive to concerns and questions? Check out their reviews carefully and note if there are any issues.

If you’re travelling long distances, you’ll also want to know that the hire company ‘have your back’ in case anything should happen. This is where you’ll want to know that their customer service line is responsive and able to help.

If something does happen, you also want to know that the campervan comes equipped with emergency devices, such as fire extinguishers.

Just as you need to know what emergency equipment is included and in what working condition, also check out the included linen, kitchen resources, gas bottles, refrigeration, bedding, and other necessities. The equipment should be clean, in good working order, and well maintained.

Can the campervan accommodate the number of people you want to travel with? You will also need to include baggage and other equipment in this assessment. It’s important that you hire the right size campervan for your needs.

Is the staff on your wavelength? You’ve put some thought and planning into this holiday, and you want to know that you can ask any questions and have them answered confidently and reliably. Some of the best hire companies are run by people who are travellers themselves, and may even be able to offer advice on potential sights to see and other destinations.

Where are their vehicle drop-off points? If you’re travelling around, you not only want to be able to contact customer service seven days a week, but you’ll also need to know that the company has an extensive enough network that you can drop off the vehicle once you have finished your travels.

Does the hire company offer any special deals or have exclusive partnerships with hotels or other holiday destinations? Hire companies will often be able to offer you discounts on certain activities in popular holiday spots. This can save you money and add some interesting spice to your holiday schedule.

Having a Great Campervan Holiday in Style

Choosing the right vehicle hire company can save you money and ensure that you have a great time on holiday. Make sure to do your research first, and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.

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