Top 5 Places To Visit While In Portugal

Portugal really has everything: interesting history, warm welcoming locals, stunning amusement  parks up  north, long sandy beaches in  the south, a chain of subtropical islands out in the Atlantic, and oh yes, it is inexpensive!


1. Faro

Faro is a wonderful starting point for researching the Algarve. There aren’t any real shores in the town, you have to take a water taxi or bus to get to them, still it has a wonderful port and striking old town (CidadeVelha).

2. Portimao

Only a little over an hour from Faro by train is Portimao. That Is where I ended up basing myself during my time in the Algarve and where I totally stuffed myself with the most delectable seafood I’ve had in quite a long time. From all of the towns I seen in the south, this one felt like it was the most geared towards bundle holidaymakers. There’sn’t much to see in the manner of sights but Praia da Rocha, its most famous shore, more than made up for that with its apparently never-ending expanse of gold sand.

3. Lagos

I am not the first, nor surely the last to have already been won over by Lagos. It Is in between Sagres and Portimao, so also readily reachable by public transportation. Lagos actually packs quite a punch because of its modest size when it comes to vigorous nightlife and wonderful shores. It had been unquestionably the best area in the Algarve plus a location I possibly could definitely see myself remaining for a whole summer (though not certain how much I’d really get done!).

4. Porto

Porto is where this excursion all started; it is where I had my first taste of Portugal. I immediately fell in love using its shabby stylish outside and was amazed from the friendliness of individuals. Little did I understand this was simply a forerunner for what was to come.


6. Madeira

From all of the stops I made while in Portugal, Madeira was the one I was surprised by the most. I understood it was an isle, but had no clue how much it’d feel more like a tropical island somewhere in the Caribbean than southern Europe. For isle standards yet take a drive about thirty minutes to the north and you’ll get in the centre of an UNESCO-shielded laurel forest its capital Funchal is very cosmopolitan.

5. Sagres

Forty kilometers from Portimao is Sagres, the most southwestern point in Europe. There are several buses through the day that could transport you back and forth but to escape to Cape St. Vincent and a few of its own shores, a leased vehicle or cab is the easiest way to really go. Sagres is the place in the Algarve where you feel small and come to surf. Peering out within the end of the world, literally in the border of Europe, was among the most unforgettable encounters I’ve ever had.

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