Getting To Xian

Whether you’re traveling independently or with an organized tour arriving from Beijing or Shanghai you will need to reach Xian by train, plane, bus or automobile.

Driving the vast distance (1114km) or taking a bus are not viable options because of the time it would take and the lack of comfort on your journey. Instead there is an excellent train service between Beijing and Xian as well as regular flights. When booking a tour to Xian with the round trip flight tickets or train tickets are included in the price of the tour.

Fastest way to reach Xian from Beijing – Flying from Beijing to Xian takes about 2 hours. Direct flights are flown between the two cities by China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Joy Air, Sichuan Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Hainan Airlines and Air China. The flights are non-stop and leave from Beijing Capital Airport. On arrival at Xian Xianyang International Airport travelers visiting Xian with an organized tour are met by a local tour guide. On your return journey from Xian to Beijing the tour guide takes you to the Xian airport and escorts you through the check-in process and sees you safely through security. On arrival in Beijing airport you don’t need to worry about how to get back into the city as the tour company arranges a driver to take you back to your Beijing hotel.

Most economical way to reach Xian from Beijing – Taking the train is the most economical way to reach Xian from Beijing. If you take a sleeper you can enjoy a comfortable journey and arrive well rested. The journey takes about 22 hours and the most comfortable option is the Z train which has air-conditioning, English speaking staff, a restaurant car and bar. T trains are also a good option. If you take an organized tour from Beijing to Xian by train the tour guide will take you to the Beijing West Railway Station and see you safely onto the train. You will travel in a 4 person soft sleeper or luxury soft sleeper cabin for 2 people, depending on your choice. Once you arrive in Xian tour groups are met by the local guide and the day begins with a good breakfast in a local 4 star hotel. Before your return journey by train from Xian to Beijing the tour group enjoys a Dumpling Banquet.

If you are traveling from Shanghai to Xian you have similar options to the Beijing/Xian journey. A train journey can take you 10:46 hours to 20:21 hours to cross the 1523km between Shanghai and Xian. Alternatively you can fly between Shanghai and Xian even if it is only for a one-day visit. The flight between the two cities takes about 2 hours; it leaves from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and lands at Xian Xianyan International Airport. If you are traveling independently your flight might leave from Shanghai’s other airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport but tours flying to Xian leave from Shanghai Pudong. As with Beijing tours travelers are taken to the airport on their outgoing journey and returned to their Beijing hotels when they arrive back from Xian.

Prices for flights between Beijing and Xian or Shanghai and Beijing vary according to season, airline and availability. Prices for train journeys vary according to the speed of the train and the type of cabin sleeper you choose. Of course if you take an organized tour which includes the return airfare or train tickets then not only is it cheaper but you will save yourself the inconvenience of getting to and from the airports.