Travel Tips For The First Time Traveler

When you are a first time traveler to the U.S.A, you must be very careful to avoid mishaps. U.S.A is a great place with many opportunities and thus attracts many foreign visitors. Many travelers are inconvenienced because of poor planning. Here are some of the tips for any first time traveler to the U.S.A.

Travel documents.

In order to travel to the U.S you must have a valid passport. The US visa policy allows members of certain nations to travel to the US without a visa. These are members of nations under the US visa waiver program. Members of this nation travelling to the US for business or tourism without having a visa must obtain an authorization through the US Electronic System Travel Authorization otherwise shortened as USA ESTA.

USA ESTA applications for members of nations under the visa waiver program are valid for 90 days for first time travelers. Registering under USA ESTA is valid for up to two years. First time travelers should arrange to travel before the expiry of this period. This duration begins immediately after successful registration.

Health Insurance

It is advisable to check your health insurance program before travelling to the US. Good health covers should cover your medical expenses while in the US and medical evacuation back home if necessary. If your health insurance caters for such, you should carry the documents to prove that with you. In case you do not have such covers then you should buy trip medical insurance.

Unexpected costs

When travelling to the US, you should have some extra cash to cater for everything. You should be aware of the hidden costs. For example if you are travelling with a heavy baggage, you will be forced to pay for baggage trolleys. This can cost you up to 8 dollars to rent one.

To avoid such inconvenience ensure that your baggage is included when booking a flight. Most airlines do not book the luggage. Therefore, it is always good to confirm beforehand. Paying for the luggage is very costly. To avoid these unforeseen costs always be prepared to foot hidden costs.

Tipping or customer appreciation

This is a common practice in the order to get good services. These services include buying drinks in a pub, eating in a restaurant, getting a taxi and other services. You should be ready to part with some cash for his purpose. Tipping requires one to add at least 15- 20 percent of the bill on the final bill. Tipping is done on every purchase. However, we have some places where the bill is inclusive of the tips. The better the service, higher the tip.

Airport security checks.

American airports are very large and busy. There are immense security checks that take a lot of time. You need to be prepared for the delays and thus add more time on your airport time schedule. This way your travelling shall be more comfortable.

Additionally, wear shoes that are easy to remove. You will be required to remove your shoes on arrival and departure. This is a compulsory security measure. To avoid inconveniences such as smelly feet, you are advised to wear open shoes. This ensures that you take as little time as possible at the security check.


Prices of items in America exclude taxes. These tax rates differ from one state to another. Before picking an item for purchase, keep aside some dollars to cater for the tax.

Apply today through USA ESTA.

These tips shall accord you a very enjoyable travel in US!