Places In Bangalore That Nature Lovers Must Visit

We all know Bangalore as the hi-tech city. We know it is the software hub. What many of us do not know is that, before it began to be called as the silicon city, it was called by another name. The beautiful name was ‘garden city’. Bangalore is not called as the garden city for nothing. The city was filled with gardens, parks, trees next to the roads and plants in every house. The city was filled with greenery and was a sight not to be missed. Though most of the greenery has given way to tall buildings and swanky structures, there is still some greenery left in the city.

Below are few places in Bangalore that will mesmerise the nature lovers –

Cubbon Park –

This is considered the best park for you to romance with your partner. The mood inside this colourful garden in romantic and the fresh flowers just add to the positive vibes. The large trees would have blossomed flowers that make a beautiful pathway to walk on. If you want to go on a silent evening walk, Cubbon Park is your destination. The place can be a bit crowded on Sunday and public holidays.


This vast garden is known for its glass house where an annual flower show is on the Independence Day. It has a biggest collection of plants in the country. There is also a lake and an aquarium. The serene garden is a must visit, especially in the early mornings. Though situated in the heart of the city, Lalbhag is untouched by pollution, noise and the busy life of the city. The place is laid back and relaxing.

LumbiniGarden –

On the banks of Nagawara Lake, you can find this amazing garden. It is the hot spot for romantic couples and is a place where people of all ages can enjoy. There is an artificial beach, an eco friendly boating park, and many amusement rides. It is one fun place to spend your time in the middle of nature, yet enjoy all the joys of modernisation.

Hesarghatta Lake –

This place is on the outskirts of the city, thus making it a pollution free zone. It is filled with greenery and chirping birds. Amidst this is a calm lake that can make you spend your time there until the sun sets. It is a fun place to go with your gang of friends.

Sankey Tank –

In the prime area of Malleshwaram, there is a manmade lake which attracts many footsteps every day. The Sankey tank is a lake surrounded by a picturesque garden. There is also a swimming pool beside the lake. It is one of the popular places in Bangalore. You can sight many types of birds and trees in this place. The place is a favourite hangout for couples.

These places are not only mandatory for nature lovers, but they are also the most important places to visit in Bangalore for other people too. Make sure you visit these wonderful places at least once in your life.

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