Unforgettable : Three Parts Of The World That Offer Outstanding Views And Resorts


Whether you have a definite bucket list of places to visit in your lifetime or simply want to take in as many views of the world as possible there are going to be a few standout locations that simply have to be visited at least once.

Here are three particular parts of the planet that should certainly get your attention.

A modern city with a cultural heritage

The United Arab Emirates can definitely claim to be a unique destination and Dubai is the jewel in the crown of this part of the world.

Stunning hotels like the Habtoor Grand Resort are a good example of the opulence and splendor that characterizes Dubai and the area, with amazing modern facilities and stunning views all included as part of the deal when you jet off to this coastal wonder on the Persian Gulf.

You can’t fail to notice the iconic and futuristic Palm Island design that was developed here and the international shopping opportunities are a magnetic attraction and experience.

If you want to witness a blend of the old and the new in terms of culture and modernistic living, Dubai definitely delivers on that score.

Spoilt for choice in French Polynesia

It is not hard to see why this region is considered one of the leading holiday destinations as it features beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear waters in abundance, with a tropical climate included as part of the package.

It is likely that Bora Bora will get a mention when you are talking about resorts and French Polynesia but there are numerous other gorgeous islands dotted around where you can relax and enjoy the manicured beaches and some of the clearest waters anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to join the throng that flock to the iconic Bora Bora, no matter how majestically beautiful it is, as there are actually well over 100 islands that are all reachable from Tahiti’s main airport, so take a look at places like Rangiroa, Moorea, and Rurutu, to name just a few.

The lure of the Caribbean

When you think of tropical havens it is highly likely that the Caribbean will feature heavily in your thoughts and places like St Lucia are rightly popular with tourists from all around the globe.

Somewhere near the top of a list of Caribbean islands to visit would be St Lucia, which is an unmistakable landmark in this region with its volcanic formations jutting out from the blue waters surrounding them.

You get lush landscapes and pristine sandy beaches when you visit St Lucia and although it is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the islands here, there are others that should be on your radar too such as Aruba, Barbados, and Anguilla.

It will be very hard not to find a resort that you fall in love with at one of these three stunning locations and that’s before you even set foot on any one of the amazing beaches that are such a feature.

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