Top 10 Places To Celebrate Christmas In The World

There are many different ways to celebrate the holidays and there always something interesting to find in different places. Combining this with the spirit of Christmas is a good way to spend the short weeks before delving back to stressful work.


Singapore is the shopping country. This Christmas season, the place is prepared like to invite every living person in the world. It is a small country but compact with all the goodness of the season. It can be viewed as a one stop shop. Each area is setup for a specific mood in Christmas. The best part about it is the fact that the country is so small you can inspect all the area by train with their different theme for conveying the season’s spirit. The best way to get in is to use travel tour agencies to acquire flight information and hotel booking.

Couple’s Escape

Seoul has one of the best Christmas tree displays in the world. Even though the concept was straight from the west, they make it look like it came from the east. The sense of sight will feast on the most incredible decorations in all tree sizes. If one ever gets tired of the snow, it will be a great idea to spend your evening in Seoul. It is in fact the most romantic places for couples. To get the finest tour package and flight information, visit their website with the domain.


Tokyo is one of the best places to check out for a Christmas light lover. Decorations are set to almost every tree in the area. The glimmering light in each corner of the city is perfect for a romantic evening stroll. The trees are like filled with stars that light the wonderful evening. This is definitely one of the places that must be experienced for the people who are looking for something interestingly different.


Macau is always open to travelers and have made the area a tourist magnet. It has a complete range of facilities for people with strict budget and for the luxurious. The long walks can be a bit tiring though. Christmas in Macau is demonstrated best with their light shows and decorations in streets.

Food Lovers

Kuala Lumpur is the place for people who want to spend Christmas to New Year’s Eve. The center of attraction is the Patronas Towers for their noteworthy fireworks display. The best thing about Malaysia is the food is affordable and as good as they are grown locally.

Ski Resort

Les Deux Alpes presents the best way to challenge your skiing skills. This is certainly the best place for skiing. The body is taken to its limits as the height and temperature is taken to extremes. It may be hard to breathe with the 3600-meter height, this is place is best experienced not by starters.


Rio typically the beach at heart. Experience the heat and the fine drink caipirinhas. Snow haters will love this place. There is nothing like to fresh ocean breeze and the burning sun.

Bondi beach is the best place to celebrate with a beach in mind. Surfers swarm the place as it has become the most popular beach destinations for the holidays.

Philippines has the most number of islands, you can choose from many different places. Although it would be advisable to stick with the most populated areas like Boracay and Coron. All the flight information can be viewed in

One of many most celebrated festivities are in Canada. This place is for street show lovers who want Christmas celebrated in large cities. The country has the largest Santa Clause celebration in the world. The flight informationis available to make your journey through air hassle free.

Christmas is best celebrated with friends and family although for some people spending the season on places you haven’t been breaks the routine feeling. There are places in the world that still awaits would be travelers who are looking for something that is beyond ordinary. Make your Christmas most memorable with your loved ones around.

Author bio: Sophie Morgan an experienced traveller. Presently she is working on behalf of an EHIC card which provides all medical benefits.