Top Destinations In North Island For Seniors

If you’re a senior who is finally living their dream of traveling through the North Island in a motorhome hire New Zealand, we know that you want to go to the best places in the area. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time planning on visiting this iconic destination, so you don’t want to be disappointed in the places you see.

While you may not be up to doing some activities that bring many people to travel around in a motorhome hire New Zealand, we know that there are plenty of things for you to do, whether or not you want to climb a glacier or jump out of a plane.

To help you plan your North Island itinerary, we have compiled some of our favorite places to visit that can be ideal for seniors who want to see the best of this area. Just because you may face a few more issues than you did before as far as your health goes, you can still enjoy traveling to this incredible destination. Take a look at some of our favorite places and tell us what you think:

  • Visit the Waiheke Island. What are you visiting New Zealand for? If it’s to enjoy the local culture, experience new things, and enjoy the lifestyle, then Waiheke Island is for you. This unique little spot is a favorite for many people, because it’s easy to get to from Auckland but yet provides you with the feeling of going some place exotic. With great lodging options and several great spots for wine tasting and enjoying gourmet foods, as well as lovely views, it’s truly a paradisiacal spot for those who take the time to visit. If you’re not much for being on the road but want to really enjoy your time in New Zealand, start off here and why ever leave? Waiheke Island is pretty special and worth staying at.
  • Explore the Bay of Islands. Looking for a beach destination that will provide you with the perfect environment for relaxing? Then head on over to Bay of Islands, New Zealand’s favorite little spot for enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. From fishing and sailing opportunities to the beauty to be found at Paihia, Waitangi, Kerikeri, and Russell, the Bay of Islands is the New Zealand paradise that won’t disappoint.
  • See the beauty of the Waitomo Caves. If you’ve never been to a cave that was lit up with glow worms, then this may be a fun experience for you. It won’t be too physically taxing but it will be exciting and an experience that you may not have had yet and who doesn’t want to have new experiences.
  • Visit Te Papa in Wellington. You’re probably someone who likes to have new experiences and get to know new culture. If so, you’ll want to visit Te Papa to get to know more about the Maori culture. Located in Wellington, it will give you a glimpse of the New Zealand history.
  • Go to the geothermal springs in Rotorua. A great destination for both the hot springs and the Maori culture, Rotorua should be a must-visit area for you if you’re hoping to truly enjoy a part of the local culture that you won’t find anywhere else. Because the Maori culture is strong in this area, you’ll be able to visit a local village, enjoy a Haangi and relax in the hot waters—a truly amazing experience.


If you’re planning on traveling around in an RV, this is a good idea. While there is public transport available in the country, traveling in your own vehicle is so much more comfortable as a senior.

The national parks are abundant in the country, so even if you are a senior, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit them. You should do your research and make sure that you’re choosing a walk that is at your level, so you don’t exert yourself more than is healthy for you. If you’ve been an avid hiker all your life, you’ll probably be able to navigate the parks with your friend or partner but if you haven’t been hiking recently, why not look for a guide?

In Conclusion

Senior travel in New Zealand is possible, so don’t hesitate to book your trip and enjoy a visit to one of the most amazing countries in the world. The above destinations are only a few of the amazing ones found in New Zealand. Rest assured that there are many more, if you have enough time to see it all.

As you start planning your itinerary and packing up your motorhome hire New Zealand, consider the kinds of places that you’ve always wanted to see. New Zealand is a small country yet a fascinating one and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  

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