Take A Weekend Trip To Dubbo

If you are an Australian, chances are high that you already know there are many destinations near Sydney that are perfect for a weekend trip. People often take the directions that are popular among the tourists – namely the south or north and the coastal areas of the country.

Have you ever considered of taking the path less taken so that you can see Australia in a never-seen-before avatar? Why not explore all the four corners of New South Wales. It is clear that it is a state of immense size and exploring all that it has to offer to a weary traveller within the limited time of a weekend trip isn’t going to work, why not focus on its most notable city, Dubbo?

The following section will talk about a few quirky places that you can visit and make the most out of your weekend trip to Dubbo.

Aladdin’s Cave Bottle House

Aladdin’s Cave Bottle house is a tourist attraction that is located mere minutes away from the main city of Dubbo. It is situated on Dunedoo road and the best part about the structure is its construction. The structure is constructed using around 3000 colourful bottles. The namesake cave sits on the Jan Gilmour Garden and in the property of Brian Lewis. The structure was completed after an estimated six years of construction.

Apart from Aladdin’s cave, people come from far and wide to feast their eyes on the magnificence of the bottle house. It was the dream project of the property’s family and since its completion, they opened their doors for tourists to come and admire the structure in all its beauty.

Dubbo Farmers Market

The farmer’s market is held religiously in the Macquarie Lions Park of Dubbo on the first and third Saturdays of every month. The event is kept local so that producers from the nearby regions can come in and showcase their products and make a profit out of it as well. It is a place that is ideal for you if you are in the mood for some healthy, organic and fresh produce at reasonable rates.

The farmer’s market has gained a lot of grounds in terms of popularity in its years of operations. It has a huge following that consists of more than five thousand producers coming from hundreds of kilometres away.

Terramungamine Reserve and Rock Grooves

The rock grooves at Terramungamine Reserve can leave anyone speechless and in amazement. There are over one hundred and fifty plus carvings on the rocks that were created by the indigenous (Tubbagah) people living near the Terramungamine Rock Grooves. It is a site of historical significance that with all of its glory and ancient rocks is located on the banks of the Macquarie River. As per historians, the site was once used by the people of the Wiradjuri Tribe. They used to shape and sharpen their tools in this area. It was also a very important place for the Tubbagah people as well, who used the place as a meeting point.

Dubbo as a city is known for its interesting places, its people, the rich mix of culture and heritage. It is clear that after reading about the places to see in Dubbo, you are feeling excited about your next weekend trip to the city. What about accommodations? Well, worry no more since the place is teaming with both luxurious and affordable places to stay. Read more info about clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation before book one as a comfy accommodation playa great role to make any trip memorable for the lifetime.

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