Weekend Getaway: Best Tourist Attractions To Explore In Budapest

The Hungarian capital is a beautiful European city with plenty of possibilities to see and experience even for a weekend getaway. Also known as the Paris of the Central Europe, there are so many reasons to come and discover this charming destination with amazing historic buildings, cultural events, great cuisine or an exciting nightlife.

Without a doubt, the city is full of interesting and vibrant sights to explore, but since you are planning a weekend getaway, let’s have a look at the best tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss during your adventure.

These are some of the must see travel attractions to explore in Budapest for a weekend:

1. The Parliament building

The Hungarian Parliament, this outstanding example of Neo-Gothic architecture is known as the third biggest Parliament building in the world because of its impressive size and keen eye for detailed decoration. It is one of the most visited sights in Budapest and also the symbol of the city with a total number of 691 rooms, 27 gates, 10 courtyards as well as a huge public library with 500.000 volumes. It is not only an old construction dating from 1885 that has been restored, but an imposing and stunning building to explore and discover its treasures during a weekend getaway. A unique experience and a fantastic palace filled with culture and interesting stories. 

If you want to visit the Parliament, here is useful information about it:

Full address: Kossuth Lajos ter 1-3, Budapest, located near the Danube River

How to arrive: Take the Subway M2 to Kossuth ter or Streetcar 2 with a stop at the Parliament

Visiting: There is a guiding tour in English or other languages available daily at 10, 12, 13 or 14 and the group tour lasts about 50 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the main gate. For more details about pricing and more, see here.

2. Castle Hill

Enjoy a romantic walking with your partner on the streets of Budapest and discover Castle Hill, a picturesque and magic area located in the medieval part of the town and surrounded by medieval yet impressive constructions. Walk around the castle and take photos with one of the main attractions in Budapest with a great view overlooking the Danube River and lots of places to explore.

Generally, a walk takes about 3 or 4 hours, excluding the museums and it’s free of charge.

Easy and simple ways to get to Castle Hill is to walking or take a taxi, because private cars aren’t allowed to enter this area. For more details about an organized tour of the Castle, read here what buildings and places you are going to see and discover.

3. Chain Bridge 

No matter your staying, a visit to Budapest isn’t complete without a walking to the suspension bridge attraction alongside the River Danube that connects the western and eastern sided of the city, Buda and Pest. Aside from being the most known bridge of Budapest, it is also an iconic building that rejoins thousands of tourists all over the world. Its construction began in the 18th century at the initiative of one of the leading Hungarian figures, the count Istvan Szechenyi and it was inaugurated in November 1849. More information about its history can be found here.

The bridge is one of the city’s main landmarks and can be easily identified by walking over the bridge and enjoying a fabulous view of Danube, especially at night. Don’t forget your camera, so you can catch some great shots with breathtaking views.