What To Wear Hiking In Any Type Of Conditions

Whenever we go hiking the clothes and gear we take with us can be consider essential items. For a small hike this might not be true, but for longer duration hikes and in variable weather conditions what you have with you can be important. One of the main questions that is asked the most is, what do I need to wear while hiking?

It can be a little overwhelming when you start to shop for hiking clothes and gear since there is a massive selection to choose from. So let’s look at just some of the basics that you will need for hiking.

Proper footwear for hiking

Having a good pair of socks to help keep your feet dry and warm is important when it comes to protecting your feet. If the weather conditions are warmer choose a sock that is not as thick and allows some breathability for your feet.

The shoes or boots that you choose are another important part of keeping your feet safe. You want to make sure that your boots fit properly and that they are not too loose or too tight. Having any one of these can cause you to injure your feet. Breaking in your shoes or boots is also important. This makes sure that your feet are comfortable and used to the new shoe.

Top and Bottom Clothing for hiking

When you dress for hiking you want to dress for the appropriate weather and terrain conditions that you will be hiking in. If you are hiking in cold weather, dress in layers and avoid materials like cotton. Cotton is not the best when keeping you warm. Fabrics like wool are going to be better.

In warmer conditions consider loose fitted clothing that isn’t too restricting on your skin. Pick a fabric that is moisture wicking, quick drying, and feels comfortable. This will ensure you stay cool and dry during the summer months.

Waterproof layers for hiking

If you know that you will be hiking in wet weather conditions I would recommend getting clothing that helps protect you from the rain. These can be outer layers of a top and bottom that you can easily take on and off. The boots or shoes you wear should also be waterproof as well since this will help to protect your feet.

When it comes to the outdoors, knowing What to wear hiking is essential to make sure you enjoy yourself during your experience.

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