Why Take A Tour From Beijing To Xian?

If you’re in Beijing it is worth taking the time to travel to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Warriors are one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of our time and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However handling the logistics of how to get from Beijing to Xian and back may be a little daunting. Instead you can take an organized tour to Xian, see the sites and be returned safely to your Beijing hotel. There are a few good reasons to take an organized tour from Beijing to Xian.

Seeing the Terracotta Warriors is a once in a lifetime experience and one that you shouldn’t miss considering you’ve come all the way to China. You are so close that it would be a wasted opportunity not to see this incredible site. Whether you’re planning to take a one day trip or a longer trip to Xian your best option would be to take an organized tour rather than trying to do it alone.

On an organized tour you will save yourself the headache of all the transport arrangements as you are picked up from your Beijing hotel and returned to the hotel at the end of the tour. The tour company arranges your flights and even helps you find the right check-in counter in the airport. Only once you are safely though the check-in procedure does the tour guide say goodbye. When you land in Xian you will be picked up by the local tour guide and accompanied by him for the duration of your tour. All transport is pre-arranged by the tour company: Beijing hotel to Beijing airport; Xian airport to Xian attractions; back to the Xian airport; Beijing airport back to your Beijing hotel.

Taking an organized tour from Beijing to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors is definitely cheaper when done through a tour company. All the transport costs including airfares (or train fares if you choose to go by train) and transport from your Beijing hotel to the Beijing airport and transport in and around Xian is included. Can you imagine arguing (in Chinese) over the price of a ride in a taxi when your time is limited? Not only the transport costs but also all entrance fees to the sites are included in the organized tour. On most of the tours some of the meals are also included, for example on a one day tour from Beijing to Xian you are treated to lunch in a local restaurant.

Another advantage of taking an organized tour from Beijing to Xian as apposed to doing the trip alone is the time factor. When you are organizing your own transport, accommodation and sightseeing you can never be sure that you will fit everything in to the time you have. You will have to worry about delays and maybe even missing your flights. However with an organized tour the time factor and logistics is all taken care of for you.

Not only is visiting Xian from Beijing an excellent idea but doing it with a tour is the best solution.