How To Drive Safely In New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand and want to drive the roadways, then you need to know some of the driving precautions you have to take whilst seeing the countryside. Driving in New Zealand may be different than it is where you live. That is because New Zealanders drive on the left side of the road versus the right side, and many of the roads twist and turn. Not only that, loose gravel can sometimes be a safety hazard if you are driving too fast.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Whilst the above warnings or alerts are pertinent to New Zealand, you also have to remember to follow some of the same safety measures that you do at home. For example, you should always wear your seat belt. Everyone who drives or rides in a motor vehicle should wear a belt. Children should also be secured in a child seat that is approved safe. If you don’t bring your own child seat, then you can obtain one from the company where you rent your car.

You also need to maintain a speed that is in alignment with the posted speed limit. Driving too slow or too fast can be hazardous to your well-being and the safety of others travelling on the road. Again, New Zealand features a lot of twists and turns in the roadway system, so slow down around bends and observe the suggested speeds around turns.

Use the Passing Lane

Many people, whilst on holiday, will schedule a car rental in New Zealand and become a little reckless when driving. Never attempt to overtake another vehicle unless it is safe. That means using the passing lane when possible and never crossing a solid yellow line that is on your side of the centre line.

When driving on holiday in New Zealand, it is also essential to stay rested. Don’t drive any more than two hours at a time and take regular breaks. That will keep you from falling asleep and will give you an opportunity to exercise or stretch your legs.

If it happens to be raining or the roadways are snowy or icy, then you will need to adjust your driving to the weather conditions. Review the proper ways to drive on snow or ice and slow your speed accordingly. People on holiday tend to be a little more haphazard about driving than they are when they are travelling to work.

When planning a journey, it is always helpful to use a GPS to get an estimate of driving time. Because of the country’s winding roads, travel times can take longer than if you are driving on a straight roadway.

Also, a holiday can cause a person to sometimes be careless about drinking. Never drink and drive. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only a crime in New Zealand, but the associated law is also stringently enforced. Offenders receive severe penalties for the crime.

Additionally, when you are driving in New Zealand, it is illegal to talk on a mobile phone. If you need to text or make a phone call, you need to pull into a rest area to use the device.

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