Some "Not So Popular" Treasure Troves Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of forts and palaces, of kings and valor. Today thousands of abandoned forts and palaces lay strewn all across the state neglected. Millions of people are drawn from all the countries of the world to these sites. However a large part of the crowd gets concentrated in the main cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Ajmer. As a result, there are hundreds of other sites which remain secluded and undisturbed. Sites like these are sought out by the true travelers who want to discover the history, heritage and culture of this state and its people.

Today, gear up to explore a few of the least known treasure troves located a stone’s throw from Jaipur:

  • Chand Baori: this is a step-well which was built over a thousand years ago by King Chanda. In the 9th century this served as the main source of water for the villages all year round. Chand Baori is about 64 feet deep and has 13 floors. This is one of the oldest and deepest step wells of India. Step-wells are extremely endemic structures which were built to deal with the arid climate of the state. This is a hidden gem since it is not easy to locate. This particular one is located in Abhaneri village, about 95 km from Jaipur. There are no bus routes; hence the best option is to hire an outstation cab which can take you to this 9th century architectural marvel in less than 2 hours.
  • Jamwa Ramgarh: this is a land of temples and wildlife located about 26 km from the city of Jaipur. The closest railway station is Jaipur and it can be reached from the main cities by buses. But for people who are in a time crunch it is better to opt for outstation cabs since public transport can be sparse. Jamwa Ramgarh served as a hunting ground for the ancient kings who ruled the region. There is a huge lake which serves as a watering hole for the local wildlife. The lake is surrounded by naked mountains which help in protecting its pristine beauty. Since this place is not frequented by frenzied tourists, Jamwa Ramgarh is clean, calm and close to the bosom of nature. Many people go there every year for bird watching, animal studies, nature studies and to spend a few peaceful days close to the greenery.
  • Dausa: this is a small city located 55 km away from Jaipur. This was ruled by the Gurjars who have left behind more than one memento in the city to remember them by. This city is surrounded by Somnath, Nilkanth, Baijnath, Sahajnath and Gupteshwar making it is holy ground for many Hindus. Dausa is a home to Hela-Khayal, a unique singing style which cannot be found in any other part of the country. You can get a keen glimpse at the ancient culture of the state at the Meena song festivals held there every year. Besides this, there is Abhaneri which houses a number of monuments from the medieval ages. In fact this is where the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Bollywood movie, Paheli was shot.

Getting to know these remote places gives a comprehensive view of the true culture and heritage of our country. Most people are unable to visit these places nested deep in the rural areas due to the lack of convenient transport. But the availability of online bookings and instant outstation cab booking service opens up new windows of travel opportunities for you and your loved ones.

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