Things Australians Need To Know Moving Canada With A Working Visa

Moving to Canada for work? What an inspiring and exciting endeavor! The working holiday visa allows a young Australian to stay in Canada all most two years for any job there. The work permit is essentially ideal for those people who intend to experience a temporary period of living in Canada for job purpose.

What are the eligibilities for Working Holiday Visa?

The requisites for being eligible for getting a working holiday to Canada are as follows:

  • A candidate must be an Australian citizen.
  • A candidate should have a valid Australian passport.
  • Age of applicant strictly should be between 18 and 30 years in general and in some special category 35 years as prescribed in the different pool at the time of application.
  • A candidate must have $2500 Canadian dollars of its own to meet living expenses.
  • A candidate should hold a health insurance for the entire period of stay in Canada under a work permit and present the documentary evidence at the entry point in Canada.
  • At the end of an authorized stay in Canada, a candidate should have a round-up trip air ticket or alternatively have an adequate financial source to purchase a ticket at the time of departure.
  • A candidate will not be allowed accompanied by dependent.

How to be a Successful Candidate?

Following are the processes to be followed to be a successful candidate.

  • At the beginning create an IEC profile online.
  • Choose one pool in one or more IEC categories.
  • Candidate will be invited to apply for a work permit.

What to do when a Candidate Receives Invitation to Apply?

When a candidate receives the ‘Invitation to Apply’, he/she has to submit the following documents pertaining to:—

  • Documentary evidence for the information that the candidate has entered at the time of creating IEC profile.
  • Further information pertaining to candidate’s testimonials such as academic background, work history, general background, and
  • Other potential information supported by documents whenever requested.

When to Apply for a Work Permit?

A candidate will receive a message in his/her account stating therein the deadline for application for a work permit with date and time. Generally, a candidate shall have 20 days in hand for work permit application on acceptance of ‘Invitation to Apply’. Now a candidate should complete the application form online following the instructions therein meticulous:

  • Must fill all the mandatory fields in the form to avoid refusal for submission.
  • On submission of the duly filled form, a system generated personalized document checklist will be provided to the candidate.
  • Scanned copies of the listed document have to be uploaded.
  • Pay the requisite fees as prescribed.

When will Letter of Introduction be Issued?

After verification of every detail of information furnished by the candidate, the authority will accept the application and issue LOI (Letter of Introduction) to the candidate concerned. Australians working in visa for Canada carry all the original documents with him/her along with LOI which are mandatory to be presented before the immigration officer at the very entry point in Canada.

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