7 Reasons Why One Should Travel By Indian Rail

You may find many reasons to travel by air. One such reason can be that travelling via air can save time and it can be comfortable but do you know that you can find much reasons to travel by rail as well? That is right, we can give you many reasons to travel by rail and after checking out these reasons, you will really be compelled to book your train tickets. When you book tickets, do not forget to log in to IRCTC Next Generation website (www.irctc.co.in) with your IRCTC Login details.

Here are some of the reasons why should travel by Indian Rail

  • If you are travelling with friends then you must certainly book train tickets for train travel. Your Goa trips can be more fun if you wish to travel by train and this can be your ultimate reason to travel via train. The journey can be fun even when you try and travel with your family.
  • The best part is that the train takes you away from the chaos of the cities and it will enable you to travel and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. You will come across mustard fields, open grounds and raw natural beauty which is certainly worth enjoying.
  • The train also offers you better connectivity. For short journey, it can be better to travel via train as it saves you from the traffic jams on the road and moreover, you would not have to travel to airport 2 hours before the departure time if you wish to travel by train. You can simply reach at the time of departure of the train and still board the train.
  • You have got a lot of luggage and are you sick of airlines burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you can certainly travel by train and carry a lot of luggage without paying extorting amount. Even if you exceed the luggage allowance in rail, you have to pay a nominal charge to carry your luggage with you.
  • In the train, you can even go for a digital detox therapy and stay away from your phone for a while. You can go ahead and simply read a book or you can even pursue a hobby that you like. There are many things that you can do. You can also engage in a conversation with your loved one.
  • The train journeys are very affordable and you can even book a ticket just a day before travelling. This is another best part about the train travel. You would not have to worry about booking tickets months ago to get the right price. You will always get the affordable price for the train travel.
  • Travelling from airports to home can also be very expensive and this is why train scores another point. You can travel to your home or destination via metro, local bus, Rikshaw or many other modes of transport if you are travelling via train. It certainly offers a better connectivity in the city.

These were some of the reason to travel by Indian Rail but if you still feel that air travel is better than the rail travel then you may choose to book air tickets and IRCTC Next Generation website as the website offers air ticket at very compelling prices.

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