Barcelona: The Gothic District Uncovered

The gothic quarter. This magnificent and well-known neighborhood in Barcelona has its origins in the remains of the Roman village that once stood in its place.

These days, considering the constant modernization, it’s easy to find a juxtaposition between old and new buildings. It’s this blend of modern, neo-gothic, and roman architecture that makes the Gothic quarter one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Barcelona.

The winding streets are like a labyrinth, so unless you know the area well, you’re going to need a map to navigate. It’s also important to keep your eyes above the map too and look around a bit, otherwise you risk missing out on a lot of this magnificent neighborhood (not to mention you should always be on the lookout for pickpockets).

One of the most fabulous attractions in this area is the Cathedral of Barcelona, which has a wonderful garden where 13 geese live. These 13 geese represent the age at which St Eulalia, the patron saint of the cathedral, was killed.

The Gothic Quarter may be an old area, but it is by no means out-dated as there are many trendy boutiques and restaurants where you can pass time. Of course you’ll also find many tapas bars, cafes, and original shops. The district’s nightlife is one of the most lively in the city. Though there aren’t many nightclubs in the zone (those are around the Port area), there are many places where you can go for a drink and have a little bit of a dance.

It’s a wonderful area, and it’s also very cheap to stay in the zone. So if you’re looking for some cheap Barcelona accommodation, then look no further than the gothic district in Barcelona; a place full of history, beauty, and culture.

Whether you’re in Barcelona for a weekend or a week, stop by at the gothic quarter, otherwise you will not have truly experienced all that the Catalan capital has to offer.