Five Water Sport Activities That You Should Not Miss In Goa

Goa is the place to enjoy ultimate adrenaline rush through various activities. One such activity is water sports. There are more than 30 beaches in Goa and thus, you can find all kinds of water related sports here. This article talks about the top five sport activities that you should never miss in Goa.


Dona Paula Bay is the right place for windsurfing. You can also get trained by experts here. It is  one of the most common sports tried by all tourists. Top places for this activity are Bogmalo, Baga, Benaulim, Arossim, Calangute and others.

Jet Skiing

You would be give a water jet and safety equipments. You can race as you wish and scale the water body. Remember, the faster you go, the more difficult it gets to control. This is one of the most common tourist activities in Goa. The top beaches for this activity are Colva, Aguada, Benaulim, Miramar and Candolim. This activity is most preferred during winter season.

Speed Boats

This is not a new activity to explain. You would be boarded on a motor boat and the boat would lash against the waves and hike your adrenaline. You cannot resist your excitement in a speed boat. You can find this activity in almost all beaches except the ones where you cannot find any tourist activities.  Don’t miss these activities and plan your Goa tour with family or friends.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving or snorkelling is becoming very common in Goa. A lot of youngsters want to explore the depth of the ocean. The visibility range of water in Goa is just ten meters. Only those who are mentally and physically fit should try this. You can hire a trainer to help you through the process. This would be one of the best experiences that you would gain in Goa.

Banana Boat

This is a fun sport activity. You would be boarded in groups on a boat that looks very much like a banana. The banana would be towed by a speed boat racing in the water making the banana boat jerk in inertia. The main aim is to push the passengers into the water. Do not worry; the water will be too shallow and a trainer would be swimming along you. Moreover, you would be wearing a safety jacket too.

Other top sport activities in Goa are knee boarding, gliding, swimming, boating and others. Choose winter or rainy season to enjoy the water based activities here. You can also visit other destinations in South India such as Kerala and  Andaman and Nicobar Island etc.

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