Much Needed Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Placed in nature’s lap, Bangalore has many places that people can explore in case they want to get in touch with the nature. Not only that they can also explore the beautiful beaches and the temples that are just 10 hours away from the city. If you stay in Rajahmundry and want to get near the nature, then Bangalore is the ideal destination. Just book your tickets on the Rajahmundry to Bangalore flights and get ready to have an awesome time at these mesmerizing places.

  1. Dandeli: A tranquil town in Uttara Kannada, Dandeli has a fortune of adventurous activities for adventure seekers. Not just is Dandeli an adrenaline junkie’s heaven, Dandeli is a nature sweetheart’s asylum also. Offering thick ranger service and shifted vegetation, Dandeli has possessed a position as an experience destination. The wildlife sightseeing in Dandeli is incredible and encounter 300 types of creatures and winged animals.
  2. Mangalore: A noteworthy and beautiful port city, Mangalore is one of those spots that is the most popular tourism spot. Lying between the the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. A noteworthy clamoring focus of economy, it in any case has some shrouded jewels, for example, the Someshwar shoreline, Tannirbhavi and Surathkal Beach, which also has a rural beacon on its limits!
  3. Gokarna: The shoreline lovers can delight in the magnificence of the coastlines in India is Gokarna. Basically a religious place, it is known for the sanctuary of Lord Shiva the main deity of this sanctuary town. Aside from the shoreline of Gokarna itself, nonetheless, the destination has different coasts like Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Paradise and Nirvana Beach that are hotspots from voyagers everywhere throughout the world.
  4. Dudhsagar Trek: Trek to the falls of the Dudhsagar Falls, which are situated on the edges of Goa, amongst Karnataka and the Goa state Border. Crossing the thick backwoods ranges, steep surfaces, tough and slender territories, a trek of 14 km, starting at Castle Rock will convey you to the wonderful falls, which take after a container of milk poured down the rough falls.
  5. Jog Falls: The second most elevated waterfall in India, the falls are situated in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. Starting from the Sharavathi River, the falls of the falls make a serious mood of rock against water. Tumbling from a stature of 830m, the falls are the second just to the Nohkalikai Falls. Head to these beautiful falls for an affair of exceptional magnificence and smoothness, disregarding the commotion!  
  6. Honnemaradu: A little villa roosted in a perfect world on top of the slopes that overlook the Linganamakki Reservoir, the Honnemaradu is really a destination that satisfies its name, which implies Golden Lake. The lovely town situated at a separation of around 392 km from Bangalore, is an immaculate takeoff far from the quick city life. The colossal news for enterprise significant others is that, the supply additionally has a sanctuary right amidst it, which is a perfect spot for outdoors!

These amazing places will not only take you closer to the nature but will also leave you mesmerized by the sheer magnificence of the place. So, just book your Rajahmundry to Bangalore flights tickets and get ready to have an awesome time at these places.

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