The Matchless Nightlife Capital Of India

Some money in your bank account and a will to live and enjoy life to the fullest, where do you head to first? Goa, the fun capital of of India. There is nothing that can go wrong choosing a destination like Goa for a fun holiday. This article talks about the nightlife of the city.

Goa has the answer to everyone’s plea to have a great time. For people travelling on a budget looking to have some fun drinking cheap booze and partying in beaches, to the people on a luxurious trip drinking single malts and partying on yachts, Goa has it all. The nightlife scene in Goa cannot be compared to the ones anywhere else in India, even Mumbai! Get one of the that Goa to Mumbai flights to see for yourself and compare! What makes the nightlife in Goa so special is that, there are so many elements which it is made of. Here are a few of them.

The beach shacks

Whether you are rich or poor, on a budget or came with stacks of money, the shacks are unavoidable. Apart from the thronging of hippies in some beaches, most beaches in Goa are very happening! The booze is unbelievably cheap and the food is fresh. You can sit down, or choose to run outside and dance. The shacks are open from morning and remains open past midnight. The shacks are from everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are here as a couple, with friends or family, what matters is, everyone comes together from every walk of life to have a great time.

The pubs and bars

Thanks to the cool laws and the nominal alcohol tax, drinking of alcohol is allowed everywhere, anywhere at anytime, which is why you will see so many pubs in each and every nook and corner of Goa! These pubs open early and close late, and in addition to giving you a place to seat and good music in the background, the booze in the pubs around Goa are dirt cheap, priced at almost same as that of the MRP written on the bottle. The pub grubs are good, and hanging out at these pubs are the easy choices for the mid-budget folks. The cheapskates and budget travellers can hold on to their pint of beer and dance in the beach the whole night.

The nightclubs

If you were someone who visited Goa a decade or two ago, you will know that Goa was only happening during the peak seasons. Head on to Goa a week or two late after the peak season, and the whole state is dry. There are no parties, no shacks and is literally nothing to do except go for sightseeing. Nightclubs are the only reason that revived Goa’s off season tourism. The nightclubs make a visit to Goa during the off seasons worth it. Today, you will see a good number of nightclubs spread all across the state active equally during the peak seasons and off seasons alike.

Yacht cruise parties

This is for the people looking to splurge, and people who appreciate the finer things in life and go big or go home. With a rate of approximately INR 10,000 per head per hour, the party in these sailing yachts are to die for and the ultimate experience you can get off Goa. Save up properly and don’t cheap out on a place that already has a very low cost of living.

Goa is the ultimate nightlife experience you can get in India. No city can compare to the magnitude of fun this place offers.

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