Not All Limousines Can Stretch

When you think of limousines, it is likely that you think of stretch limousines. Typically, these are black town cars that have been modified to stretch for ten metres or more. They’re the most common type of limousine that you might find being used for a wedding or a party. Many people who are going to prom or going out for a night of partying choose to use a party bus or a Hummer limousine.

These offer more head and legroom for guests; they’re especially useful for weddings and proms in which women will wear ball gowns that might take up a lot of space. However, those are not the only kinds of limousines. Technically, a limousine is a chauffeured luxury vehicle; therefore, any luxury vehicle with a chauffeur is technically a limousine. There are times when stretch limos are not appropriate or desired. If you need a luxury vehicle, but you do not needed the added room of a stretch limo, you should consider an Excalibur.

The Excalibur

Excalibur was a short-lived company that was created in the 1950s. The genesis of the Excalibur brand came from an employee who was working at Studebaker in the design department. The designer felt that it was time for Studebaker to build something luxurious and exciting, so he designed a vehicle that was based on the 1928 Mercedes luxury vehicles, which by the 1950s had already come to symbolise opulence and style. The first Excalibur prototype was built, but it could not be displayed because Studebaker did not want to go into full production of the vehicle, and felt that it would only confuse the customers to display a concept car.

In response, the designer left Studebaker and founded his own company, Excalibur, which produced the vehicle only for five years. Now, the Excalibur is used almost exclusively as a limousine by companies such as Bergen Limo. The vehicle is ornate, classic, and timeless. That’s why so many limousine companies scramble to purchase Excaliburs when they are on the market.

Why an Excalibur?

Leaving your wedding or your prom in a luxury vehicle is a great way to make a dramatic exit and leave a great impression on people. From front to back, an Excalibur looks like a luxury vehicle. There is no bad angle for your wedding video or photos. As all your guests watch you leave, they will be impressed by the vehicle.

Also, there is a unique nature to an Excalibur. Much like other short-lived vehicle companies, their designs and construction have become iconic. There is only one type of Excalibur and very few of them are on the market. So, if you want to stand out and find something that is very difficult to replicate, the Excalibur is a good way to go. The DeLorean was featured prominently in film because it was a short-lived company and could be made iconic. The Excalibur can do the same thing for your wedding or prom.

If you are looking for a unique entrance and exit, you should search for a limo company that has unique classic vehicles.

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