Shanghai to Xian Tours

Shanghai is a magnificent city with plenty to see but even if you only have a day to spare you could fit in a visit to Xian to see the world’s “8th Wonder” the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. There are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day tours from Shanghai to Xian which include transportation between the two cities, a private guide, driver, entrance tickets and lunch (as well as breakfast for the longer tours). You don’t have to stress about the details, just relax and enjoy the tour while the professional guides look after you. You will be picked up from your Shanghai hotel and transferred to the airport and on return you will be brought back to your hotel as well.

Because of limited time the day tours take you to Xian by air apart from the 3 Day Tour where there is an option to travel by train. Traveling by air you’ll arrive quickly and have more time to explore the sites. All of the tours include a visit to the world famous Terracotta Warriors which were created in the 3rd century BC as funeral art for Emperor Qin Shi Huang. It is estimated that there are about 8,000 warriors, each life-size and with individual physical attributes.

1 Day Tours from Shanghai to Xian

In addition to the Terracotta Warriors one of the 1 Day Tours visits the Banpo Museum, Ancient Xian City Walls and Bell and Drum Tower Square; a different 1 Day Tour visits the Ancient Xian City Walls and the Wild Goose Pagoda.

2 Day Tour from Shanghai to Xian

The 2 Day Tour to Xian takes in the Shaanxi History Museum, Big Goose Pagoda, Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter, Ancient Xian City Walls and of course the Warriors. With the 2, 3, 4, and 5 day tours visitors can choose between 3, 4 or 5 star accommodation in Xian.

3 Day Tours from Shanghai to Xian

With the 3 day tours you have the choice of traveling by air or by train between Shanghai and Xian. You also get to see much more than on a shorter tour. A 3 Day Tour includes all the sites of the 1 Day Tour as well as the Huaqing Hot Springs and Banpo Neolithic Village or the Great Mosque, Muslim Quarter and Mount Huashan depending which tour you choose.

4 Day Tour from Shanghai to Xian

In addition to the Shaanxi History Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Terracotta Warriors, Ancient Xian City Walls and the Bell and Drum Tower Square you can also see the Famen Temple and Qianling Mausoleum. The Qianling Mausoleum dates back to 684 and is famed for the Spirit Way, a long path leading to the tomb which is lined with stone statues.

5 Day Tour from Shanghai to Xian

With this tour you can take your time to get to know Xian and see many of the famous sites. But unlike the other tours the 5 day tour covers both Xian and Shanghai. Starting with Xian you will see the most important sites over 2 full days and then on the 3rd day of the tour you will travel to Shanghai to continue sightseeing. In Shanghai the tour covers the Shanghai Museum, the Yuyuan Garden and the Bund area.